Here’s everything you need to know about the PS4 Street Fighter V tournament happening at PLAYBACK III on July 29th!

Sign up for the tournament will begin one (1) hour prior to the start of the tournament.

Available Characters: All characters up to and including Ed (Season 2).

Available Stages: All, with the following exceptions:
– Kanzuki Beach
– Training Stage
– Skies of Honor
– Flamenco Tavern (due to Vega advantage)

Balance Patch: May 30th, 2017 (Note: This is the latest confirmed balance patch. Any patches scheduled less than a week before PLAYBACK will not be guaranteed to participants.).

Tournament Style: Double-Elimination, Best-of-3 (Finals will be Best-of-5).
The final match will pit the winner of the Winners’ Bracket and the winner in the Losers’ Bracket. The player from the Losers’ Bracket must win two sets to win: One to reset the bracket and the second to win the tournament.

Seeding: Random.

Round Length: 99 Seconds.

Fight Length: First to 2 rounds.

Player Cap: 32 (Depending on player participation, hosts reserve the right to issue first-round byes to those who sign up first in order to have even brackets. Any who sign up past the initial 32 will be set as Alternates in the event that any of the original 32 no-show their match.).

Controllers: Players may bring in their own arcade stick or fight pad for use in the tournament, though it must be approved by PLAYBACK tournament officials. Modded controllers and controllers with turbo buttons will not be allowed.

Button Check: Before each set, competitors will be allowed to start up a match and have two minutes to confirm their button settings, if they so choose.

Pausing: Pausing the round at any time is not allowed. Pausing, be it accidental or intentional, is an automatic forfeit of that round of the match.

Choosing Sides: When both players are at the game console, they must come to an agreement which side of the machine they will play on (who will sit on 1p and who will sit on 2p). If an agreement cannot be reached, a game of rock-paper-scissors will determine who gets to pick their side.

Choosing Characters: There are 3 methods for choosing characters: Standard Selection, Double Blind Selection, and Side and Character Courtesy. Standard Selection is the default unless the players request otherwise. If the players cannot come to an agreement on the method of character selection, the judge will apply the double blind method.
Standard Selection: Both players choose their characters whenever they want. This is a free for all. Players pick who they want and go. Once either player chooses a character, neither is allowed to request that the Double Blind Selection method be used.
Double Blind Selection: Either player must explicitly ask for the Double Blind Selection method before either player chooses a character. When a player request Double Blind, the player on the left side (1p) decides which character they will choose and whispers his or her selection to the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his or her character. Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Tournament Organizer makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his or her original choice.
Side and Character Courtesy: As a courtesy, the player who received his choice of which side to play on (1p vs 2p) can elect to choose his or her character first. This is strictly a courtesy. A player is in no way required to do so.

Playing the Match: Once sides and characters have been chosen, the players should begin the first Game in the Match. The following rules go into effect once a Game ends:
– The Match is over when either player wins the required number of Games.
– Once a player has won the required number of games, the winner of the Match should report the result to the Tournament Organizer.
– The player who won the Game does not have the option of switching sides. He or she must stay on the same side if the loser does not want to switch.
– The player who won the last Game is required to keep the same character.
– The player who lost the last Game is allowed to choose whatever character they wish.

PLEASE NOTE: The event organizers reserve the right to alter these rules as needed to best serve our attendees and/or respond to technical issues.

Prepare to fight and we’ll see you on July 29th!