The March Powered by Playback event will be a Mario multiplayer extravaganza!  Join us at Poket Gaming in Poquoson on March 17th, 2018 at 7 PM for a night of Mario-themed multiplayer fun!

As always, $10 gets you in for a night of fun and a shot at a cash prize in the tournament!

The star attraction will be a single tournament consisting of two stages, each played in a classic Mario multiplayer game.

Player Cap: 16

Stage 1:  Mario Kart Double Dash (Game Cube) – Single elimination with byes based on signup order/number of entrants

Race Format:  VS
Speed:  150CC
Match format:  1-on-1, First to 3 Race Wins
Tracks:  Starting with the Mushroom Cup and working up as needed, a random track will be chosen from the four available and the opponents will race on it, then the next race will come from the Flower Cup, then, the Star Cup and, if needed, two from the Special Cup.
Items: “Recommended” setting
Laps:  3

No banned characters or tracks.

NOTE:  The tournament official reserves the right to adjust the rules as needed, based on player turnout.

Play will continue until the Top 4 remain.  The Top 4 will move on to The Party Round!

Stage 2:  Mario Party 4 (GameCube)

Board:  TBD by Tournament Official
Number of Turns:  20
Bonus Stars:  On

Contestants will be allowed one practice run of each mini-game as they come up, unless the group agrees unanimously to skip it.

The player with the most stars at the end of the game is declared the winner of the tournament and receives the pot of tournament money!

Controllers will be provided for this event.  If you wish to bring  your own controller, it MUST be approved by a tournament official.  See any of the folks in the Playback shirts to get approval.

While the tournament is going on, eliminated players or those waiting for turns will have access to free play stations to enjoy Mario Party and Mario Kart goodness!

Hope to see you there!