No, we’re not shamelessly shilling for Mario Kart. (Although, Mario Kart does, in fact, rule.)

We’re announcing the official rules for the SNES Super Mario Kart tournament that will happen at PLAYBACK III on July 29th!

Sign up for the tournament will begin one (1) hour prior to the start of the tournament.

  • Player Cap:  32 (Any sign ups past the initial 32 will be set as alternates in the event that one or more entered players no-shows.  Hosts reserve the right to adjust the brackets as needed based on participation.)
  • Format (The tournament will consist of two (2) stages):
    Stage 1 – Time Trials
    Each of the competitors will set a 3-lap Time Trial on Mario Circuit 1 in the Mushroom Cup.  Their completed times will be logged and the top 16 times will advance to the second stage of the tournament. In the event of a tie for 16th place, the tied racers will compete in one (1) Vs. Race on Mario Circuit 1 to determine the final entrant.
    Stage 2 – Single Elimination Bracket
    The top 16 remaining racers will be placed into a seeded bracket based on their times.
    With the exception of the championship round, each pairing will then compete in a Best of 3 series of races, with the first to win two races advancing to the next round.
    The final two racers will compete in a Best of 5 series to determine the tournment winner.
  • Track Breakdown (The track selection for each round will be as follows):
    Time Trial Round – Mushroom Cup
    Mario Circuit 1
    Opening Bracket Round – Mushroom Cup
    Donut Plains 1
    Ghost Valley 1
    Bowser Castle 1 (If necessary)
    Quarterfinal Round – Flower Cup
    Choco Island 1
    Ghost Valley 2
    Donut Plains 2 (If necessary)
    Semifinal Round – Star Cup
    Koopa Beach 1
    Choco Island 2
    Vanilla Lake 1 (If necessary)
    Championship Round – Special Cup
    Donut Plains 3
    Koopa Beach 2
    Ghost Valley 3
    Vanilla Lake 2 (If necessary)
    Rainbow Road (If necessary)

The winner of the tournament will receive the now-discontinued NES Classic Mini!

PLEASE NOTE: The event organizers reserve the right to alter these rules as needed to best serve our attendees and/or respond to technical issues.

Get to practicing, folks, and we’ll see you at the show!