We’re under a week out now, so here’s the final two sets of tournament rules for events that’ll take place at PLAYBACK III on July 29th:

First up, Bomberman on the Turbografx-16!

Player Cap: 32.

  • Depending on player participation, hosts reserve the right to issue first-round byes to those who sign up first in order to have even brackets.
  • Any who sign up past the initial 32 will be set as Alternates in the event that any of the original 32 no-show their match.

Format: Free-For-All, 4-Player matches.

Settings: Map is referee’s discretion. Depending on the number of players, some matches may feature fewer players.

  • Round 1
    • Match is Best-Of-3
    • Top 2 players in each group advance to Round 2, based on the number of wins in the match.
    • In the event of a tie for second place in a first-round matchup, those two players will play a 1-Win match to determine who moves on.
  • Round 2
    • Match is Best-Of-3.
    • Only the winner of the match advances.
  • Championship Match
    • Match is Best-Of-5.

Last, but by no means least, is the Ms. Pac-Man Arcade High Score Challenge!


  • The Challenge runs from 12 noon until 4 pm.
  • Players let the arcade room attendant know they want to make a run. The attendant will watch the player’s attempt and record their score.
  • Players may make multiple attempts in order to better their score.
  • If another attendee is waiting to play the machine, the player must relinquish the machine until it is free again. (Form a line, folks!)
  • The player with the highest score at the end of The Challenge wins the prize!

Be sure to pick up your tickets for July 29th!

PLEASE NOTE: The event organizers reserve the right to alter these rules as needed to best serve our attendees and/or respond to technical issues.