Month: April 2017

The Complete Rundown

You’ve heard all about our three keystone events, but there’s a lot more in store for PLAYBACK III on July 29th at Point Plaza Suites in Newport News!

Here’s the complete lineup of scheduled tournaments:

  • Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4
  • Quake III Arena on PC
  • HALO 2 on the original Xbox
  • Bomberman on the Turbografx-16
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Nintendo GameCube
  • Tetris (in Memory of Donna K. Pelfrey) on the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • A Classic Arcade Challenge
  • Pong

PLUS a very special mystery tournament to be announced at the show!!!

Make plans now to be with us for this huge event!

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Bigger! Badder! Better!

The Classic Doom Classic at Playback 2 was huge! At PLAYBACK III on July 29th,  we’re upping the ante and raising the stakes!

The third of our keystone events will be a Quake III Arena tournament for the grandest prize we’ve offered thus far, an AMD quad core gaming PC with 16 GB of RAM and a Radeon R9 270 video card running Windows 10!

Be sure you’re at PLAYBACK III for your chance to enter and win!

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New Challengers Wanted!

In keeping with the expansion of PLAYBACK EGX to include more modern games, our second keystone tournament at PLAYBACK III on July 29th will be Street Fighter V!

Street Fighter V has grown quite a bit since its launch and we know there are quite a few of our fans eager to demonstrate their fighting prowess! What will you get for your troubles? Well, outlast every other competitor and you’ll get a pair of Big Boys Toys suitable for display in any game room!

Can’t have Ryu without Ken, right?

Make plans now to attend PLAYBACK III for your chance to dominate and win!

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And the First Tournament is…

We’ll have a number of great tournaments at PLAYBACK III on July 29th. The first of which we’re announcing today. Right now, actually!

If you were at the last show, you know how successful the Super Mario Kart tournament was. On July 29th, we’re gonna do it again! We’ll have a Super Mario Kart Tournament on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. We’ll be posting the rules as we get closer to the event, but the question you probably want answered right now is, “What are we playing for?”

Drum roll, please…

The winner of the Super Mario Kart tournament at PLAYBACK III will receive this:

Need we say more?

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