Playback EGX celebrates the past and present of video games in a family-friendly environment. Our events feature contests, prizes, raffles, vendors, and playable consoles representing decades of gaming!

The first Playback was held in March of 2016 in conjunction with The eSports Club at Christopher Newport University as Playback Retro Gaming Expo. The Playback team filled the ballroom of The David Student Union with consoles from the 1970s through the 1990s as well as a number of local vendors, many of whom had never sold to such a large crowd. There were a number of contests for attendees and the volunteers from eSports at CNU kept things running smoothly. In spite of some unexpected sponsorship difficulties, the show was a hit! The team decided to move forward with another show in the fall.

The second event took place in October of 2016 and built on the success of the first. The contests and prizes were better planned and the day was highlighted by a Super Mario Kart tournament on the SNES as well as the now infamous Classic Doom Classic LAN event. The day was capped with a surprisingly popular impromptu Pong tournament on a classic Coleco Telstar system played on a 55″ flatscreen!

After two events, the team expanded the reach of the show to include modern gaming and provide attendees with even more great content. Following Playback 3, in July of 2017, Playback EGX began offering local hospitality establishments the opportunity to bring a “pop-up arcade” style event to their patrons. This service has been quite well received and been personally rewarding for everyone involved with PEGX. The Playback team strives to make each event something special and even more memorable than the last for all our fans!

If you’re a local business owner who would like to set up a Playback event, please feel free to contact us for details.

Come join our community of gamers as we celebrate gaming!